ThermaCote® Energy Efficient Coatings


Do you wish to create a more relaxed environment in your house or business? ThermaCote® could be a tool in your quest for cooler walls.

Installing these coatings on your existing walls, which can help protect them from the elements and extend their life.

What Makes ThermaCote® Special

As aforementioned, ThermaCote® D59 and ThermaCote® D70 are the only products currently listed in the Wall Program that the CRRC recently launched. You can trust these products to help increase energy efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

ThermaCote® has reflective and emissive attributes that significantly reduce heat build-up. You can use ThermaCote® as a waterproofing solution, primer, and top coat. In addition, it aids in increasing insulation efficiency and can be applied as a primer and topcoat for most applications with airless spray, which can reduce application time, costs and eliminates the need to repaint your walls regularly.

ThermaCote® D59

ThermaCote® D59 is a water-based acrylic roof coating designed to reflect heat and UV rays, which can help keep your home cooler in the summer. It is also Class A fire-resistant and in addition, it’s resistant to mold and mildew, making it a good choice for homes and commercial properties in humid climates.

ThermaCote® D70

ThermaCote® D70 is a water-borne acrylic roof coating. It has all the features of D59, but in the D70 gray color, making it a good choice for homes and commercial properties.

Full Features of ThermaCote®

ThermaCote is a high-performance weather barrier coating that you can use indoors and outdoors for commercial and residential applications. It reduces energy transfer because of its advanced ceramic technology.

Some of its qualities include:

  1. Reduced condensation
  2. High emittance & Solar Reflectance
  3. Class A Fire Retardant
  4. Low dry fall rate
  5. Wide range of application
  6. Breathable vapor barrier
  7. Max brightness

Outstanding Benefits of Applying ThermaCote®

The physical barrier and interior environment that encloses your building’s structure is called the building envelope. It protects the interiors of your building from the environment. Therefore, coating it with a thermal barrier coating is essential if you want to experience substantial energy savings, efficient planning, sustainability, eco-friendly, and long-lasting results.

ThermaCote® as a Part of a Reputable Program – CRRC

ThermaCote, Inc. has been involved in the Cool Roof program for 17 years. And now, they are proud to present that ThermaCote® D59 and Thermacote® D70 products are the first products available in the new Rated Wall Program Directory by the CRRC or the Cool Roof Rating Council. Here, consumers and professionals can freely use the directory to find products that comply with a growing list of codes and programs expanding across the USA.

The CRRC Rated Wall Program Directory is the only publicly available database for the listing of radiative properties for exterior wall products, where two products from ThermaCote are listed.

These radiative properties include:

  • Solar Reflectance
  • Thermal Emittance

The radiative properties will provide information on how the product will impact the following:

  • Building Energy Use
  • Occupant Comfort
  • Surrounding Environment

Apply ThermaCote® for an Excellent Weather Barrier Coating

If you’re looking for powerful protection for your home or building’s envelope, ThermaCote® is the answer. It’s applicable for indoor and outdoor use and it also offers superior corrosion resistance. It will improve your carbon footprint.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for all your weather barrier needs. May it be for your walls or roof, ThermaCote® is here to offer guidance when it comes to finding and choosing the best solution.