What is ThermaCote?

ThermaCote® is a high-performance ceramic insulating coating/weather barrier coating that offers superior corrosion protection for commercial, residential, exterior, and interior applications. The advanced ceramic technology conserves energy, looks just like flat latex paint when dry, and has ultra-low VOCs at 5.3 G/L. ThermaCote® spray-applied weather barrier coating is Certified Green to California’s standard (DHS 01350) for indoor air quality in classrooms and offices, a qualified product, and is also a CRRC (Cool Roof Rating Council) “Rated” product. With built-in corrosion protection, ThermaCote® is the perfect primer or topcoat on new or existing sheetrock, wood, glass, plastic, concrete, or steel projects, and helps seal the envelope of any structure. A UL® Classified product with a 0-Flame spread, ThermaCote® is the professional’s choice.

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Accreditations, Ratings, & Compliance

ThermaCote® is proud of the extensive certifications and accreditations that have been completed during our long history of product development and testing. Our ongoing mission is to continue to enhance and perfect our weather barrier coatings and provide you with the highest quality products available.

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