At ThermaCote®, we specialize in providing advanced weather barrier coatings tailored to meet the rigorous demands of the industrial sector. Our product, ThermaCote®, stands out for its capability to enhance the longevity and performance of industrial structures through superior protection against environmental conditions, corrosion, and thermal challenges from the equipment or the weather.

ThermaCote® in the Industrial Industry

ThermaCote® sets the standard in industrial roof sealing and protective coatings. Utilizing cutting-edge ceramic technology, it drastically reduces energy transfer, meeting the specific demands of industrial thermal coating. This innovative solution offers unparalleled corrosion resistance, ensuring strength and resilience in harsh industrial environments.

With an appearance similar to latex paint, ThermaCote® is eco-friendly with ultra-low VOC levels of 5.3 G/L, making it a safe and sustainable choice for various industrial needs. Its seamless application process makes it ideal for both new constructions and retrofit projects, simplifying installation in industrial settings. By fortifying insulation and HVAC systems, it effectively prevents the escape of conditioned air, which is crucial for maintaining optimal conditions and reducing energy costs.

ThermaCote® excels in providing protection and energy efficiency for a wide range of industrial applications, both indoors and outdoors, such as the following:

  • Steel beams, shipping containers, and various transport containers
  • Metal and wood framing and studs
  • Factory roofs and warehouses
  • Silos, HVAC systems, chillers, vessels, and tanks
  • Valves, steam piping, and boilers
  • Insulation for tanks, vessels, and piping operating up to 178°C / 352°F
  • Enhancing and protecting equipment and facilities as a high-emissivity reflective material reduces heating and cooling costs.

What We Deliver to the Industrial Industry

Industrial applications necessitate robust solutions to protect against harsh environmental conditions. Here are the benefits of using industrial protective coatings like ThermaCote® in industrial settings:

  • Corrosion Protection: Our coatings provide a formidable shield against moisture and corrosive elements, thereby extending the life of metal surfaces and equipment.
  • Temperature and UV Resistance: Designed to withstand extreme temperatures and resist UV degradation, our coatings ensure that surfaces maintain their integrity and appearance even under harsh sunlight exposure.
  • Waterproofing: By creating a waterproof barrier, our industrial thermal barrier coatings prevent water-related damage, safeguarding the structural integrity of industrial assets.
  • Decorative Finishes: Beyond protection, our coatings can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of surfaces, providing a shiny or glossy finish suitable for various decorative applications.

ThermaCote®: Advanced Protection, Exceptional Performance

For unmatched structural integrity and energy efficiency, ThermaCote® leads in industrial coatings innovation. Using advanced technology, ThermaCote® effectively seals any structure, protecting against moisture, heat, and corrosion for lasting durability and efficiency.

As a primer and topcoat, ThermaCote® offers substantial energy savings and serves as an exceptional weather barrier for various applications.

ThermaCote® is formulated with ultra-low VOCs in a water-based acrylic composition, ensuring eco-friendly performance without compromising quality. This dedication to excellence has earned ThermaCote® numerous certifications and accreditations, including ISO 9001:2015, MAS Certified Green for Indoor Air Quality, and CRRC Roof Program Rated Product.

We follow strict quality control procedures to maintain the highest standards, ensuring our products consistently deliver superior performance and sustainability.

Find Quality Barrier Coatings at ThermaCote®

We understand that shielding surfaces from environmental damage, enhancing durability, and optimizing energy efficiency are vital in the industrial sector. Hence, we are dedicated to creating innovative solutions for industrial weather barrier coatings, so you can trust us to deliver high-performance solutions.

ThermaCote® is not only good for the facility infrastructure in an industrial setting, but also good for the equipment, too. In the video of the steam-pipe, we are looking at an operating temp of 210C / 410F and ThermaCote® is providing the personnel and corrosion protection, all the insulation needs and combatting CUI (corrosion under insulation) which costs the USA alone $20B – $100B annually.

By personnel protection, we are talking a surface temp of 60C / 140F (remember the operating temp inside is 210C) which will not burn skin with incidental contact. Now the employees working in close proximity to hot piping, tanks, and related industrial equipment can concentrate on doing their jobs instead of dodging hot surfaces. The facility managers don’t get ‘burned’ anymore on pipe corrosion that is hiding under the insulation, which itself is usually hiding under a protective jacket, and none of it is airtight as a proper install of ThermaCote®.

For further inquiries or to schedule a consultation, please contact our team at ThermaCote® directly. Our experts are ready to assist you in selecting the most suitable weather barrier coatings for your specific industrial applications.