ThermaCote, Inc developed and produced weather barriers and protective coatings, such as thermal blocking products, that support industrial, commercial, and residential applications to increase a structure’s efficiency while protecting it from corrosion. These products are also specially formulated to conserve energy.

Apart from thermal weather barriers, we have expanded our horizon to distribute industrial-strength disinfectants that offer biological and chemical decontamination. We also carry hand sanitizers to improve hygiene, regardless of industry. These solutions are made to ensure that any environment is safe from contamination.

ThermaCote Weather Barrier Coating

ThermaCote is a high-performance ceramic-insulating coating solution that offers superior corrosion protection in interior and exterior applications for commercial and residential structures. This weather barrier also effectively protects against various environments, reducing overall maintenance costs and increasing durability.

Formulated using advanced ceramic technology, it’s widely used as an insulation paint because it can resist thermal reduction while reducing energy transfer. Its energy-saving capabilities significantly boost the overall efficiency of any building.

Experience the ThermaCote difference:

  • Low VOC with water-based acrylic formula
  • Certified and accredited by trustworthy organizations
  • A physical barrier for exterior and interior applications in buildings
  • Top choice for professionals

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Accredited & Certified

Due to consistent quality and sustainability, our premier ThermaCote(R) seal coatings have accumulated certifications and accreditations from renowned organizations. It has supported our cause in providing excellent solutions that can effectively protect a structure’s envelope for optimal performance and cost-saving possibilities.

Our list of accreditations and certifications:

  • CRRC Member
  • CRRC Rated Product
  • CRRC Roof Program or ‘Cool Roofs’ Founding Member
  • CRRC Roof Program Rated Product
  • UL Classified Product with a 0 (zero) flame spread and low smoke development 
  • MAS Certified Green for Indoor Air Quality
  • Green Chamber of the South Member
  • ISO 9001:2015 Registered Firm

Our products undergo extensive testing for quality control purposes. We also continually strive to improve our products to ensure that we deliver the latest innovations technology can offer.

Choose ThermaCote, Inc. for Exceptional Products You Can Trust

Our ThermaCote heat shield paint is an effective and efficient solution for a building’s interior and exterior. It also defends a building’s envelope for longer-lasting protection against environmental factors. In addition, we offer disinfectants and hand sanitizers to maintain a hygienic environment in any industry.

If you have any questions about our ThermaCote weather barrier coatings, roof repair tapes, hand sanitizers, and disinfectants, feel free to contact us today. Our team will happily provide some valuable information for your guidance.

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