ThermaCote® As Eco-Friendly Weather Barrier Coating


ThermaCote® has been relied on as a premier weather barrier coating for more than 30 years. This technologically advanced finishing material provides high-quality protection against corrosion and adverse conditions for residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructural facilities that would otherwise face the full force of UV and weather-based wear and tear.

With ThermaCote®, we seek to provide an effective material that will enhance your building’s energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint. Furthermore, we formulate ThermaCote® using environmentally efficient procedures, and this nontoxic finish will allow your facility to better coexist with its surrounding environment.

What Is a Weather Barrier Coating?

Weather barrier coatings (or WBCs) have low thermal conductivity, which means that they act as a barrier between external temperature fluctuations and your building’s internal environment. WBCs remain exceptionally resilient when the temperature rises or drops, which allows for performance across a wide temperature range.

WBCs owe this ability to their composition, which is uniquely able to resist thermal shock and fatigue while also being easy to apply to almost any clean and dry surface.

ThermaCote®’s high performance makes it a superior finishing choice for surfaces that are exposed to a wide range of weather conditions. Some of the advantages you can expect to see after installing ThermaCote include:

  • Energy conservation: ThermaCote®’s high solar reflectance and high emittance mean that changes in external conditions will not dramatically affect your building’s internal climate, and that will lessen the escape of internal energy.
  • Resistance to corrosion and heat: ThermaCote® applications can seal the structure, plus minimize the Solar/Radiant Heat Gain. As the Primary Thermal Envelope (PTE), ThermaCote® can guard insulation against moisture, thermal transfer, thermal bridging, and conduction.
  • Lightweight product: ThermaCote® weighs only 5 lbs. per gallon (0.6 kg/L), meaning that it will not add significant weight to structures and substrates to which it’s applied.
  • Environmentally friendly facilities: ThermaCote® is Certified Green by the California Department of Public Health’s guidelines regarding volatile organic compounds (VOC) and off gassing, which means that it will not adversely affect the indoor air quality of classrooms and offices. ThermaCote® is a Cool Roof Rating Council and ENERGY STAR–qualified product.

ThermaCote® helps seal the envelope of any structure. It’s a UL-classified product with a 0-flame spread, a certifiable and sustainable product, and The Professional’s Choice for a weather barrier that can prevent the transfer of heat and cold.

Eco-friendly weather barrier coating

Where to Apply ThermaCote®

ThermaCote’s® single component application allows it to work with many different substrates. It can be easily applied as a primer or topcoat for:

  • New and existing sheetrock
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Concrete
  • Steel
  • Brick
  • Block
  • Metal
  • Masonry
  • Asphalt

Once applied, ThermaCote® helps seal the building envelope of any structure. (Note, a structure’s envelope can be defined as the design and construction of the exterior including the roof and foundation).

A building envelope with few avenues for internal air to escape and external air to enter will improve the energy efficiency of the building. With ThermaCote®, even the smallest leaks and crevices will be sealed, and the likelihood of new ones forming over time is greatly diminished.

ThermaCote®: The Professional’s Choice for a Sustainable & Energy-Efficient Coating

ThermaCote® is a versatile weather barrier coating that works with a number of surfaces and substrates. Those who use ThermaCote® can expect a high quality, spray applied coating to help protect your structure and turbo-charge insulation systems, whether commercial or residential! If you would like to learn more about ThermaCote®’s uses and applications, please contact us today!