A building of any sort is an investment and should be properly protected. This includes protecting the exterior from the elements and protecting the people and property inside from the heat or cold. A thermal barrier coating provides garage and roof insulation along with a variety of other benefits.

ThermaCote® is a proprietary thermal barrier coating—made by our company of the same name—that provides superior corrosion, abrasion, and weather resistance. It creates its own layer of insulation and also protects and reinforces the building’s existing insulation, which can degrade over time. By keeping more warm or cool air in the building, you save energy and prolong the life of your heating and cooling units. Best of all, ThermaCote® is a sustainable product.

ThermaCote® has several eco-friendly accreditations, including ratings from the Cool Roof Rating Council is MAS Certified Green. ThermaCote® is made with a water-based acrylic formula with ultra-low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). You can use ThermaCote® with the assurance that it is not harmful to the environment. Our company is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and the Green Chamber of the South, which focus on bringing Green materials and technology into focus in the construction industry.

ThermaCote® is high-performance and versatile, as it can be applied internally or externally. It serves a variety of commercial and residential structures, including houses, warehouses, sheds, and detached garages.

applying thermal barrier coating

What are the Benefits of Sealing a Detached Garage?

Detached garages and workspaces are becoming increasingly popular. Some owners appreciate the opportunity to create a second living or working space within the detached garage as it offers greater privacy, while others convert attached garages into additional bedrooms, offices, guest houses, or playrooms and build a separate detached garage for the vehicles and storage.

In the long-term, adding a second level to a detached garage is often easier than trying to build on top of an attached garage. Detached garages can be hidden away or set back from the street, allowing for a more attractive entrance to the home. Today’s homes are built with a garage-forward facade, while many homeowners are seeking garages with more aesthetic appeal, which makes a detached garage ideal.

A detached garage is an asset to your home and it should be treated with the same level of care and protection as the rest of your property. The property inside and the building itself should be protected and ThermaCote® is an easy and affordable way to provide garage and roof insulation. It comes in a variety of colors and features the following five benefits:

  1. Energy savings: Keep warm or cool air inside the building and reduce the strain on your heating and cooling systems.
  2. Longevity and protection: Reduce the signs of wear and tear from the weather, debris, and more.
  3. Heat reduction: ThermaCote® is highly reflective, which supports heat resistance in your substrate.
  4. UV protection: ThermaCote® offers a barrier against damaging UV rays.
  5. Easy installation: Simply spray to apply. With the right equipment, including a professional-grade sprayer, most users can apply ThermaCote® themselves (and we have a thorough application guide to help). If you don’t have the proper equipment, we can help you select what you will need, or you may want to hire someone to do it for you. Either way, the process is simple and can be completed in a short period of time.

Whether you’re building a new detached garage or simply want to seal the old one, ThermaCote® is a simple, cost-effective, eco-friendly method of garage and roof insulation for your detached garage and other buildings. It adheres to almost any clean, dry surface, so it’s an ideal solution no matter what material your garage is made of.

Thermal Barrier Solutions from ThermaCote®

For more than 30 years, we have been creating technologically advanced weather barriers to improve your building’s energy efficiency and protect it from the elements. We’re proud to develop environmentally friendly products that meet your needs for protective coatings. To learn more about ThermaCote®, please contact us. We’re happy to answers any questions you have about the product, its application, or the importance of a thermal barrier coating.

ThermaCote is…

  •             Air Permeable with Water Breathability
  •             Allows asphalts to stay Cool to the Touch
  •             No Off-gassing, Ultra-Low Volatile Organic Compounds’s
  •             Easy Application with Minimal Upkeep Required

Potential Concrete Applications:

  •             Concrete Slabs for Structures
  •             Roadway Columns and Overpasses
  •             Concrete Wall Coverage
  •             Roadway Bridge Structures
  •             Sidewalks, Driveways, and Garage Surfaces


Concrete structures are subjected to just about every kind of abuse – impact, abrasion, chemical attack, and thermal shock. Due to its porous nature, concrete tends to create dust from wear and abuse over time which leads to expedited abrasion, chemical attack, and weatherization. As a substrate Concrete holds in heat transferred from surrounding elements causing the structure to measure hotter to the touch than its surrounding environment. For these reasons, concrete needs protection. ThermaCote® seals the envelope of any concrete structure which adds protection from weatherization, oxidation, cracks, and ware. In addition to improving the life of the substrate, ThermaCote® mitigates thermal bridging which will stop the concrete structure from absorbing heat. The drastic reduction in the amount of heat held by a ThermaCote® coated Concrete structure will lead to reduced energy costs and a positive impact on reducing the Urban Heat Island Effect. Reducing heat transfer, corrosion, abrasion, all while improving weatherization and the sustainability of substrates are what our ThermaCote® coating specializes in!

The act of coating a surface or substrate with ThermaCote® helps that surface to resist absorption of heat caused by changes in temperature or exposure to direct sunlight. As you know, asphalt black tops can become upwards of 120 degrees F on even a moderately sunny day. ThermaCote® can be the solution for reducing the surface temperature while combating the common issue of the of the Urban Heat Island Effect in residential areas.  ThermaCote® adds traction for streets and parking structures without the addition of aggregate materials. This gives our coating the special ability to maintain a smooth finish when applied, while reducing skid and slips simultaneously. When tested in wet conditions, ThermaCote® improves the safety of regular asphalt and concrete surfaces and is proven safe for vehicular and pedestrian traffic in accordance with the slip and skid resistance standard of California (ASTM C1028 and California Test 342). ThermaCote® is not slippery when wet!

At 5.3 g/l, ThermaCote® has an exceptionally low Volatile Organic Compound makeup and is certified for indoor air quality within classrooms and offices ThermaCote® is composed of over 80% solids which means that, not only will the thickness remain more accurate wet to dry, there is also very little material that can be evaporated. Manufacturing green products in order to reduce our global footprint is a priority at ThermaCote, Inc.









To download the complete write up on the City of Los Angeles LACI Cool Pavement testing demo please click the link below:

ThermaCote Asphalt and Concrete Protection



What is the most effective way to insulate, while also eliminating corrosion in the ducts of air conditioning, refrigeration, and ventilation systems?

ThermaCote® reduces the temperatures in your HVAC-R ducts, while simultaneously preventing condensation & moisture build up.


How does ThermaCote® reduce condensation and moisture?

The risk of humidity increases as the temperature difference between the interior and exterior of the duct grows.

Duct insulation falls off as result of condensation and corrosion under insulation. Rust is produced by condensation and moisture inside insulating materials. Condensation occurs when the amount of moisture in the air is higher than the volume of air can absorb. This is usually caused by the cooling of warm, humid air, so excess moisture condenses on the wall of the duct. Condensation starts when you have more than 10°C difference between inside and outside of the duct.

If you want to protect your existing HVAC-R duct-work or considering a new system, you should seriously consider applying ThermaCote® on your ducts. ThermaCote® reduces surface temperature by 38%, therefore eliminates condensation of your HVAC-R ducts.


By reduction of the surface temperature by 38%, the difference between inside and outside of the duct is close, ThermaCote eliminates the condensation, reduces humidity and prevents the rust on the HVAC-ducts.  Too it reduces maintenance costs and eliminates radiant heat from hot ducts. In addition, ThermaCote maintains the temperature inside by controlling heat losses. Furthermore, the elimination of fiberglass reduces the size of space needed for installation. ThermaCote is approved by the European Cool Roof Council. It increases the insulation and solar reflection; hence it protects and extends the lifetime of your roof and their equipment.

More advantages of ThermaCote®:

  • Thermal insulation of roofs and facades.
  • saving up to 40% energy
  • Increases efficiency of HVAC-R systems.
  • Increases efficiency of PV solar panels.
  • Quick application
  • Durable and Quality

infographic of ThermaCote's ratings and accreditations


ThermaCote® is our spray coating, specially formulated for interior and exterior applications. Seal the envelope of your building by applying our product where necessary. For application, be sure to use an airless paint sprayer and the appropriate accessories (please inquire within for the appropriate machinery to use with our ceramic coating). As evident by the infographic above, we are highly-rated and certified!

This infographic is designed to show our customers–past, present, and future–exactly how efficient and legitimate our product is! ThermaCote is our weather barrier coating that’s “tough enough for roads…but gentle enough for a children’s classroom”!

Contact us today for more info or to apply to become a distributor of ThermaCote! And don’t forget to share this infographic!


ThermaCote® – Thermal Barrier Coating 

Learn more about ThermaCote®, our high-performance, eco-friendly weather barrier by contacting us today. Our product is MAS Certified Green, UL Product Certified, and a member of the CRRC, among many other certifications and accreditations. We have distributors in the U.S. and internationally!

Seal the envelope of your building with ThermaCote®!

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