Protect & Enhance Concrete: ThermaCote Solutions for Various Needs



ThermaCote is…

  • Air Permeable with Water Breathability
  • Allows asphalts to stay Cool to the Touch
  • No Off-gassing, Ultra-Low Volatile Organic Compounds’s
  • Easy Application with Minimal Upkeep Required

Potential Concrete Applications:

  • Concrete Slabs for Structures
  • Roadway Columns and Overpasses
  • Concrete Wall Coverage
  • Roadway Bridge Structures
  • Sidewalks, Driveways, and Garage Surfaces


Concrete structures are subjected to just about every kind of abuse – impact, abrasion, chemical attack, and thermal shock. Due to its porous nature, concrete tends to create dust from wear and abuse over time which leads to expedited abrasion, chemical attack, and weatherization. As a substrate Concrete holds in heat transferred from surrounding elements causing the structure to measure hotter to the touch than its surrounding environment. For these reasons, concrete needs protection. ThermaCote® seals the envelope of any concrete structure which adds protection from weatherization, oxidation, cracks, and ware. In addition to improving the life of the substrate, ThermaCote® mitigates thermal bridging which will stop the concrete structure from absorbing heat. The drastic reduction in the amount of heat held by a ThermaCote® coated Concrete structure will lead to reduced energy costs and a positive impact on reducing the Urban Heat Island Effect. Reducing heat transfer, corrosion, abrasion, all while improving weatherization and the sustainability of substrates are what our ThermaCote® coating specializes in!