What Materials Can Thermal Barrier Coatings Bond To?


Thermal barrier coatings like those offered by ThermaCote® are specially formulated protective coatings designed to provide an insulating barrier that reduces conductive heat transfer through surfaces. But what kinds of materials can these advanced coatings bond to effectively?

An In-Depth Look at Thermal Barrier Coatings

Thermal barrier coatings work by reflecting radiant heat and slowing down conductive heat flow. They create an insulating layer that helps maintain comfortable indoor temperatures while lowering energy usage and costs associated with heating and cooling systems.

The coatings offered by industry leader ThermaCote® leverage over 30 years of R&D focus. This high-grade technology has now been adapted into best-in-class thermal solutions used today on all types of residential, commercial and industrial structures.


Broad Material Compatibility for Limitless Applications

Unlike niche thermal paints designed for only specific uses, ThermaCote® barrier coatings bond effectively to many common substrates:


  • Steel (galvanized, stainless, etc.)
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Other metals with proper surface preparation

Our barriers provide excellent corrosion resistance and prevent oxidation while reducing heat conduction.

Wood & Wood Composites

  • Plywood, pine lumber, cedar, redwood
  • OSB board
  • Particle board
  • Cement board siding

ThermaCote resists moisture absorption to prevent warping while limiting heat/cold transfer through walls and ceilings. Our advanced formula penetrates porous material for superior bonding.

Masonry Materials

  • Concrete foundations, bricks, cinder blocks
  • Stone surfaces like granite, marble, sandstone

Our formulation seals porous surfaces and limits temperature variations that can cause cracking and structural issues.

Roofing Materials

  • Asphalt, wood, metal, tile shingles
  • Single ply TPO or PVC membranes
  • Foam, coated metal, gravel roofs

Roof coatings prevent heat conduction through the roof deck for improved insulation performance while also allowing condensation to properly flow outward instead of dripping internally.

Other Compatible Materials

  • Glass
  • Plastics like PVC, ABS
  • Canvas
  • Hardy plank siding

Essentially, our coatings can adhere to any clean, dry substrate regardless of porosity or surface texture. Our on-staff project engineers can advise on ideal preparation techniques for your specific application.


Core Benefits of ThermaCote® Solutions

ThermaCote’s® 30-year track record of proven field results on thousands of installations makes them the trusted name in thermal barrier technology. Core benefits include:

Energy Savings

ThermaCote® coatings drive down electricity/gas usage helping achieve net-zero building goals through maximized insulation performance. Our energy audit team can estimate potential cost reductions.

Moisture & Temperature Control

Balanced surface temperatures prevent condensation dripping while impermeable barriers protect against leaks, wind, rain/snow loads.

Corrosion & Fire Protection

Several ThermaCote® products provide specialized resistance against rust, extreme heat/flames and more.

Ultimately, ThermaCote® leverages cutting-edge science to create protective coatings that stand the test of time across virtually any application.


Get a Free Consultation on Your Thermal Coating Project

Wondering if ThermaCote® is right for your project? Contact us at (888) 389-0628 to review your needs with our thermal engineering team. We provide free consultations, recommendations, and more.


So, Which Building Materials Should You Use Thermal Barriers On?

While the main deciding factor is the specific thermal goals for your structure, virtually any material used in construction from wood framing to steel I-beams can benefit from supplemental insulation coatings like those ThermaCote® provides.

If your project involves any combination of common metals, roofing products, wood or masonry structures, adding a protective thermal barrier is advisable to limit seasonal temperature variations that reduce operational efficiency and accelerate wear-and-tear over the years.

The versatility and custom-engineered performance offered by ThermaCote® makes our coating an ideal value-add to integrate into any new build, restoration or weatherization project.


FAQs About ThermaCote® Thermal Barrier Coatings

What level of surface prep is needed?

Thorough cleaning to remove loose paint/debris combined with light abrasion (sanding, pressure wash) ensures proper adhesion. Severely corroded metals may require extra work.

How long do the coatings last?

With adequate surface prep and application per manufacturer guidelines, ThermaCote® coatings deliver 20+ years of reliable thermal protection with one of the longest warranties available.

Can coatings be applied over previously painted areas?

Yes, assuming prior finishes are well-bonded without major flaking/peeling. Adhesion testing in small sections is recommended along with abrading glossy surfaces.