Is ThermaCote® Safe for Indoor Use?


ThermaCote® is one of the most popular thermal barrier coatings on the market today. However, some homeowners and contractors have wondered whether the product can be safely used in indoor settings. In this blog post, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview explaining why ThermaCote® is engineered to be safe for interior use.


About ThermaCote®

ThermaCote® is a leading manufacturer of thermal barrier coatings and waterproofing solutions. Headquartered in Lawrenceville, GA, we have been developing innovative coating products for over 30 years. 

Our team of chemists and material scientists have patented an advanced ThermaCote® formula that provides best-in-class thermal performance, durability, and moisture protection. 

ThermaCote® coatings have been used in major commercial projects as well as residential settings across North America. Our staff is dedicated to providing top-quality products, outstanding technical support, and superior customer service. 

For more information about ThermaCote®, our technology, and application case studies, visit our website at www.ThermaCote®.com.


Non-Toxic and Low-VOC

The active ingredients in ThermaCote®’s coating formula are non-toxic, and the product is low-VOC (volatile organic compound). VOCs can release gasses that are potentially harmful, so low-VOC products are always preferable, especially for indoor spaces. ThermaCote® contains no heavy metals, phthalates, or formaldehyde. The formula meets all regulations for low-VOC and non-toxic adhesives and coatings. The low-VOC nature makes it safe for indoor air quality.


Extensively Tested for Indoor Air Quality Safety

In addition to having a non-toxic, low-VOC formula, ThermaCote® has been thoroughly tested by independent labs to ensure its safety for indoor use, having an ultra-low VOC level of 5.3 G/L. This is much lower than most paints and coatings in the market today. 

Since its VOC level is so low, it is MAS Certified Green for Indoor Air Quality. Samples of the coating have gone through rigorous scientific testing to measure emissions of VOCs and other compounds that could impact air quality. The tests simulate real-world indoor environment conditions. 

ThermaCote® meets all indoor air quality (IAQ) requirements, and emissions are well below thresholds for health safety. It is third-party cer­ti­fied green to California’s Indoor Air Qual­ity Stan­dards in Class­rooms and Offices (DHS 01350). Customers can have peace of mind knowing it has been vetted for indoor air quality.

With over 1 million square feet applied across North America, ThermaCote® has a strong track record of safe indoor use. Professional contractors trust it for interior applications in homes, warehouses, factories, and more. It can adhere to concrete, wood, metal and more, making it highly versatile for residential and commercial indoor use. The coating dries quickly and the low-VOC formula means little to no odor.


Provides a Protective Barrier

By coating surfaces with ThermaCote®, you create a protective barrier that locks out moisture and improves waterproofing. The coating won’t trap moisture underneath like some vinyl or carpet products can. It allows walls or floors to breathe while still providing a water-resistant seal. This moisture protection makes ThermaCote® an ideal upgrade for damp basements or warehouses. The antimicrobial properties also prevent mold, mildew and bacterial growth.


Easy to Apply and Maintain

Applying ThermaCote® is straightforward – it can be rolled or sprayed on. The water-based adhesive dries quickly, so there are no concerns about wet surfaces remaining for prolonged periods that could encourage mold growth. 

Once fully cured, the coating forms a robust, flexible membrane that doesn’t chip or peel easily like paints. It’s resistant to abrasions and impacts, so it can withstand daily indoor use. ThermaCote® is also quick and easy to patch or reapply as needed for continued protection. Proper application is key, so work only with trained professionals for the best results.


No Lingering Odors or Fumes

Some paint or coating products continue to “off-gas” for days or weeks after application, leaving lingering fumes. ThermaCote®’s proprietary formula fully cures and stops off-gassing within hours, not days. Customers consistently report no bothersome odors during or after application. 

Sensitive individuals may notice a faint odor for a few hours during curing, but this dissipates quickly. Proper ventilation during application accelerates the curing process. Once cured, ThermaCote® has no residual odor.


So, is ThermaCote® Safe Indoors? 

ThermaCote® has undergone extensive safety testing and has a proven track record for indoor use. The non-toxic, low-VOC formula ensures it meets strict standards for indoor air quality. 

Contractors and homeowners nationwide depend on ThermaCote® for interior applications – it adheres well, protects surfaces, and provides moisture resistance with no lingering odors or fumes. ThermaCote® allows you to coat surfaces for greater durability and waterproofing without compromising indoor air quality. Rest assured it can be used safely indoors. For the best results, work with knowledgeable application professionals.

To learn more about ThermaCote® and view technical documents, visit our website www.ThermaCote®.com. We are happy to answer any additional questions about the safety of ThermaCote® for interior use cases.