How Thermal Barrier Coatings Reduce Energy Bills


It is difficult to overstate the amazing benefits of thermal barrier coatings. But were you aware that among those many benefits, thermal barrier coatings also have an incredible ability to save you money on your energy bills? 

In this article, we’ll give a quick explanation of how thermal barrier coatings work and how their functionality leads to greater energy efficiency for your home or building. We’ll also highlight a few other ways that you can make sure your energy bills are as low as possible. 


How Do Thermal Barrier Coatings Work?

Before you can understand how thermal barrier coatings can lower your energy bills, you need to have a firm understanding of how they work in the first place. Thermal barrier coatings are a multi-layered material that you can apply to the outside of a building. 

Each of the layers in a thermal barrier coating plays a role in protecting the exterior of the building from the forces of nature outside. You can apply these coatings to many different types of surfaces to receive a long list of benefits that we’ll explain later. Among those benefits are energy cost savings that will certainly put some ease on your monthly budget. 


How Using a Thermal Barrier Coating Lowers Energy Costs

The clue to why thermal barrier coatings can lower energy costs is in their name. Thermal barrier coatings are excellent for mitigating the major differences in thermal energy that can exist inside and outside a building. 

In simpler terms, thermal barrier coatings provide a protective layer that limits the degree to which cold outside air can affect the temperature inside your building. By reducing the effect of cold outside air, your heating systems won’t need to work as hard to keep your indoor spaces comfortable. 

When your HVAC units don’t need to work as hard to perform their primary functions, they do not require as much energy as they would otherwise. This leads to lower overall energy use, which in turn leads to lower energy costs. 

As such, anyone who is interested in lowering their energy bills should consider applying a thermal barrier coating to the outside of their building. Even if there is a mild cost up-front, the savings you’ll experience as time goes on will dramatically outweigh what it costs to apply a thermal barrier coating. 


Additional Benefits of Thermal Barrier Coatings

Along with reducing energy costs, thermal barrier coatings provide many other advantages for the materials to which they are applied. Thermal barrier coatings have an overarching protective effect that makes them useful in many scenarios, from insulating a home to making manufacturing processes more efficient. 

Thermal barrier coatings also reduce condensation while also being breathable. They can also drastically reduce corrosion on metals, which allows those metals to have a much longer lifespan and require fewer repairs. 

Amazingly, while providing all those benefits, thermal barrier coatings remain lightweight and relatively easy to apply. Due to those admirable qualities, thermal barrier coatings have become a popular tool in many industries to help reduce energy costs and meet various other performance goals. 


Other Methods for Reducing Energy Bills

While thermal barrier coatings are fantastic for reducing energy bills, they are far from the only way to do so. In fact, there are many efforts that you can make to ensure you are not overspending on energy costs. 

One of the most effective ways to reduce energy bills is to install or upgrade your insulation. Insulation plays a crucial role in maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home. Over the years, insulation can degrade, which is why it is always a good decision to replace and repair it regularly. 

Along with improving your insulation, you should also evaluate your doors and windows. If they don’t fit well or create gaps, then you should get them repaired so that they are as airtight as possible. 

Lastly, there are several lifestyle changes you can make if you want to reduce your energy use. For instance, you can be strategic about heating and cooling areas only when they are in use. Similarly, unplugging appliances, using less hot water, replacing air filters, and more can all help your energy bills go down. 


Find the Best Thermal Barrier Coating for You

By now, it is clear that using a thermal barrier coating is an excellent way to reduce energy bills, whether in your home or for commercial buildings. However, not all thermal barrier coatings are equally capable of providing you with the benefits we mentioned above. 

At ThermaCote, we provide a top-of-the-line, high-performance thermal barrier coating that is perfect for both residential and commercial applications. Our product has superior corrosion protection and advanced ceramic technology that reduces energy transfer, as well as any thermal barrier coating you can find. 

The best part is that our thermal barrier coating is very easy to apply, and you won’t even notice it is there after a successful application. Once dry, our thermal barrier coating looks just like a standard latex paint. 

If you are interested in learning more about how thermal barrier coatings can offer you lower energy costs and provide the other benefits we mentioned in this article, reach out to us today to start a conversation. We’d love to share the many ways that our thermal barrier coating can benefit you.