Do Thermal Barrier Coatings Come in Different Colors?


Thermal barrier coatings like ThermaCote® are innovative solutions for waterproofing and insulating buildings. As advanced protective layers, they act as barriers to conductive, convective and radiative heat transfer. 

This helps maintain comfortable interior temperatures and reduce costly energy expenses. But do these coatings only come in basic white? Or are other aesthetic color options available?

ThermaCote® Weather Barrier Technology

ThermaCote® has led the weather barrier coatings industry for over 30 years. Our products are engineered to seal the building envelope of any structure, preventing unwanted heat and cold transfer. This dramatically improves energy efficiency, comfort and indoor air quality.

ThermaCote’s coatings work by using ceramic microspheres and acrylic polymers to create a flexible insulating layer. You can apply ThermaCote® coatings to various common construction materials including sheetrock, wood, glass, plastic, concrete and metal. They perform well for both interior and exterior applications in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

One key benefit that distinguishes us from competitors is the wide range of aesthetic color options available. So you don’t have to sacrifice visually appealing designs for optimal thermal performance.

ThermaCote Comes in Diverse Color Choices

Unlike more generic reflective coatings, ThermaCote® is available in 19 standard color choices beyond basic white. This allows for more seamless visual integration across different architectural builds and styles.

The “Cool Colors” palette includes popular tones like:

  • Sand Beige – a warm, neutral beige fitting for desert environments.
  • Latte – a creamy, approachable brown evoking a coffee shop vibe.
  • Slate – a cool-toned gray reminiscent of stone or concrete.
  • Charcoal – a deep, moody gray perfect for modern minimalist designs.
  • Buttercup – a cheerful, radiant yellow.
  • Sonoma Green – an earthy, organic green invoking the California wine country.

You can also use ThermaCote® as a versatile primer layer. So virtually any paint color can be 

applied on top as a finishing topcoat. This infinite customization ability enables completely unique designs not limited by premade colors.

Reviewing the ThermaCote® Color Chart to Inspire Your Project Vision

To see the complete Cool Colors palette offered, review the ThermaCote® color chart.

Here you’ll see how the colors render when applied to real-world substrates. The rich, muted tones include:

  • Cappuccino – a warm, inviting brown like the popular coffee drink.
  • Mountain Fog – an elegant, weathered blue-gray evoking misty peaks.
  • Primrose – a soft, rosy neutral bridging pink and beige.

With options ranging from bright vivid primaries to natural, subtle earth tones, you’re sure to find coatings to complement designs from traditional to modern.

Custom Color Matching Provides Unlimited Possibilities

Don’t see your perfect color among the ThermaCote® standard collection? No problem. Our in-house design team provides custom color matching and coating formulation upon request.

You can select any paint chip, Pantone color or other physical sample. 

Our experts will then use spectral analysis to formulate a matching thermal barrier coating. This made-to-order service ensures you don’t have to compromise aesthetics or performance.

Spectral analysis is a scientific technique that uses light spectra to identify the precise chemical composition of materials. It allows for extremely accurate color matching.

The Benefits of Utilizing Colored Thermal Protective Layers

Choosing a colored ThermaCote® coating over basic white provides several advantages for your project:

  • Matches surrounding architecture and design elements for visual cohesion.
  • Blends into the environmental landscape, avoiding jarring contrasts.
  • Darker tones add UV resistance, protecting exterior substrates.
  • Eliminates the need for you to apply separate primer coats.
  • Allows for creative custom designs not limited by prefab options.

Don’t settle for a stark white coating on your next thermal insulation project. Take advantage of the diverse color options ThermaCote® has to offer you.

Experience the Colorful Benefits for Yourself

ThermaCote® thermal barrier coatings deliver best-in-class weatherproofing, temperature regulation and durability. And now you know they come in beautiful customized colors too.

Connect with ThermaCote® today to learn more about our color matching services. Our team will help you design the ideal colorful coating for your particular project requirements.


Transform your building’s aesthetic appeal and thermal performance with ThermaCote® – the innovation leader in colored weather barrier technology.