Can Thermal Barrier Coatings Protect Asphalt?


Asphalt is one of the most widely used paving materials worldwide, with approximately 94% of roads in the United States paved with some form of asphalt concrete. Asphalt offers many benefits as a paving material – it’s durable, versatile, cost-effective, and easy to repair. 

However, asphalt is also susceptible to damage from environmental factors like extreme heat, cold, and ultraviolet radiation from sunlight. Prolonged exposure can cause asphalt to crack or soften and develop ruts that damage driveways and parking lots. Oxidation and UV rays make asphalt brittle and prone to potholes. That’s where thermal barrier coatings come in.


ThermaCote Specializes in Innovative Protective Coatings

At ThermaCote, we specialize in developing innovative thermal barrier coatings designed to protect asphalt and extend its service life up to 300% longer versus uncoated asphalt. Our coatings work by providing an extra protective barrier between the asphalt and the external environment. The coatings reflect sunlight and insulate against temperatures ranging from -20°F to 160°F. This protects the asphalt from thermal stress, oxidation, and premature aging caused by weather extremes. Our R&D team has spent decades researching and perfecting coating formulas to optimize asphalt protection.


Research Shows Coatings Effectively Protect Asphalt

Extensive third-party and in-house research has proven the effectiveness of our thermal barrier coatings for asphalt protection. In controlled studies following industry standards, we’ve shown coated asphalt samples last 2-3 times longer than uncoated samples when exposed to extreme heat, cold, and UV radiation. Our coatings maintain the ideal viscosity for longevity and shield against sunlight damage from UVA and UVB rays, which cause oxidation and deterioration. We can provide testing data upon request.


Successful Applications Across North America

ThermaCote coatings have been successfully used nationwide by state DOTs, cities, counties, airports, and commercial clients to extend asphalt pavement life. For example, our coating prevented further rutting damage on a Louisville International Airport runway and extended the asphalt’s useful life by 7-10 years. In Los Angeles, our coating prolonged asphalt life on a busy bus turnaround area and saved over 20% in lifecycle costs versus other repair alternatives.


Additional Benefits Beyond Weather Protection

Our coatings provide other benefits too. They create a smoother, more durable asphalt surface that better withstands wear from traffic and plowing. Our coatings also resist gas, oil, deicing chemicals, and fluid spills that can stain and degrade asphalt. ThermaCote’s coatings come in various colors and finishes to enhance aesthetics, pavement markings, and signage visibility. The coatings make asphalt more reflective to improve lighting at night.


Customized Solutions for Every Project

We know each paving project and situation is unique. That’s why we work closely with each client to assess their specific needs, traffic patterns, geographic location, and other factors. We then recommend the optimal coating formula and application plan for each case. Our experienced staff provides guidance on surface prep, proper application techniques, and quality control inspections. We offer solutions for both new asphalt surfaces and existing pavements needing preservation.


A Cost-Effective Investment in Pavement Longevity

ThermaCote’s thermal barrier coatings provide a cost-effective way to protect asphalt investments and extend pavement life for years. The coatings are quick and easy to apply with conventional equipment. With proper application, they will last 5-10 years in moderate climates before reapplication is needed. The improved durability and all-weather resistance leads to fewer repairs, closures, and total replacements. That saves clients significant time and money versus repeated asphalt repairs or re-paving.


Significant Savings on Lifecycle Costs

Independent research projects our coatings can reduce lifecycle costs by 8-12% for new asphalt and over 20% for existing surfaces. The coatings deliver full ROI through performance benefits and savings on maintenance, repairs, closures, and frequent re-paving costs. In many cases, the savings offset the initial coating investment in less than 3 years.


So, Are ThermaCote Coatings Right for Your Asphalt?

ThermaCote’s cutting-edge thermal barrier coatings are proven to effectively protect asphalt from temperature extremes, UV rays, oxidation, and other environmental damage leading to cracks, ruts, and deterioration. Our coatings extend asphalt life on average 2-3X, prevent ruts and cracks, create a smoother more durable surface, and reduce lifecycle costs. 

ThermaCote offers customized coating solutions backed by decades of asphalt research and real-world performance data. Contact our team today to see how our thermal barrier coatings can help you protect your asphalt investment for the long term.


FAQs About ThermaCote Coatings

How long do the coatings last?

With proper application, our coatings last 5-10 years in moderate climates before reapplication is needed. Lifespan varies based on climate conditions and traffic loads.

How are the coatings applied?

ThermaCote coatings are applied by professional contractors using standard spray equipment. We provide training to ensure proper application for maximum performance.

Can coatings be applied to existing asphalt?

Yes, our coatings are formulated to effectively bond to existing asphalt surfaces that are properly prepared. We offer solutions for both new and existing pavements.

Do the coatings change the asphalt surface appearance?

ThermaCote coatings provide enhancement with colored and textured options. But we also offer clear coatings that protect asphalt without altering appearance if desired.

Will coatings delay asphalt repairs?

No. The coatings will not cover underlying damage or needed repairs. We assess the asphalt condition first and recommend any repairs prior to coating application.

Do coatings have toxic fumes or odors?

No. ThermaCote coatings have low VOC levels and minimal odor. They are safe for applicators and the environment when applied as directed.