Are Thermal Barrier Coatings Recyclable?


Thermal barrier coatings like those produced by industry leader ThermaCote® provide critical protection and energy efficiency benefits for commercial, industrial and residential structures. But what happens when it’s time to demolish or replace those structures? Are the coatings recyclable?

Understanding Thermal Barrier Coatings

Specialized thermal barrier coatings are painted or plastered on building interiors to reflect heat and reduce energy transfer through walls, ceilings and floors. By slowing heat flow, the coatings boost efficiency and cut utility bills.

As a manufacturer with over 30 years of experience, ThermaCote® utilizes advanced polymer resin technologies to develop specialized coatings. Their products enhance efficiency and safety without polluting indoor or outdoor environments per Environmental Protection Agency guidelines.

Rigorously tested formulations maximize energy savings across varying climate zones. ThermaCote’s coatings seal building envelopes to dramatically improve insulation performance.

Evaluating Recyclability

ThermaCote’s specialized thermal barrier coatings provide lasting efficiency gains, but what about recyclability down the road?

Unfortunately, current materials used in thermal barrier coatings do not easily separate from underlying substrates at end-of-life due to strong adhesion properties. This precludes recycling in most cases. Instead, the coatings remain bonded to building materials that are themselves disposed of or recycled.

While not currently recyclable, ThermaCote® strives to develop sustainable thermal barrier products. Their coatings provide dramatic energy savings and carbon emission reductions over decades of use — far outweighing disposal impacts by factors of 20 or more. Responsible manufacturing methods also minimize environmental footprints.

Driving Future Innovation

Recycling technology continues advancing across industries, bringing hopes for recyclable thermal coatings. As a leader, ThermaCote® is well positioned to drive these innovations once the technology matures.

In the interim, their coatings deliver significant sustainability benefits by slashing heating and cooling energy usage over long working lifespans. By some estimates, the efficiency gains outweigh disposal considerations by factors of 20 or more. Their use reduces the environmental impacts of operating structures over 30-plus-year timeframes.

Boost Efficiency With a Trusted Leader

ThermaCote® has over 30 years of leadership developing specialized thermal barrier coatings. Their solutions deliver decades of energy savings while advancing greener building. Contact ThermaCote® to boost efficiency or locate an authorized dealer to meet your insulation coating needs. Investing in sustainability has never made more sense.


What materials are used in ThermaCote® coatings?

Proprietary polymeric resin formulations make up the primary components. Some products incorporate ceramic microspheres or particles for increased insulation. Testing ensures interior air quality and low VOC emissions per Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standards.

What happens if a building with coatings is demolished?

ThermaCote® thermal barrier coatings remain permanently adhered to substrates. If a building is demolished, the coatings stay attached to structural materials like drywall or concrete during disposal and recycling. Other disposal methods may be used such as waste-to-energy to further minimize landfilling.

How long do the coatings last before reapplication?

Correct interior application ensures ThermaCote® coatings last for a structure’s lifetime — typically 30-plus years. This durability and longevity provides sustainability by reducing repaint waste. Building demolition necessitates disposal.