Thermal Barrier Coatings for Greenhouses Benefits


There are many considerations to make when designing, building, and caring for a greenhouse. However, one factor that many people fail to consider in these processes is whether they should include the use of a thermal barrier coating. 

As this article will soon reveal, thermal barrier coatings have several benefits for greenhouses. We’ve collected four of the most prominent of those advantages and explained them in the sections below. Read on to learn of the fascinating ways that your greenhouse can improve via the application of a thermal barrier coating. 

Improved Insulation

The primary goal of any worthy greenhouse is to provide a protected, climate-controlled space in which plants can grow. Typically, many of the plants that live in a greenhouse come from a region that is much warmer than the location where the greenhouse stands. As such, it is crucial for a greenhouse to mitigate the effect of outside temperatures if those plants are to survive. 

To accomplish this essential goal, greenhouses need to have a reliable insulation system that prevents both cold and hot air outside from influencing the temperature inside. While there are multiple ways to improve insulations, the application of a thermal barrier coating is one of the most reliable. 

Thermal barrier coatings act as a protective layer that is incredibly capable of mitigating extreme temperature changes. By adding one of these coatings to your greenhouse, your plants have a better chance of surviving and thriving regardless of the weather outside. 

Greater Energy Efficiency

Whether you run a greenhouse or any other type of building, energy efficiency is something you should always consider. However, energy efficiency is especially important for greenhouses as it requires a surprising amount of energy to heat, light, and maintain a greenhouse. 

Over time, ongoing energy expenditure leads to high energy use and higher bills to pay for that energy use. Fortunately, thermal barrier coatings are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to increase the energy efficiency of the greenhouse they run.

Thermal barrier coatings are a protective layer that reduces the effect of outside temperatures. By mitigating the effect of those temperatures, thermal barrier coatings make it far easier for HVAC systems to operate and keep your internal climate at the ideal level. 

Thermal barrier coatings allow your HVAC system to operate with greater efficiency by reducing stress on it. Over the long term, this allows your system to have increased longevity while saving you money on energy costs. 

Reduced Corrosion

Many greenhouses include components that consist of metal. Overall, metal is a dependable building material that is both durable and long-lasting. However, it remains possible for issues to arise with this seemingly impenetrable material. 

For example, many metals are vulnerable to corrosion if they are exposed openly to moisture and other environmental elements. When corrosion occurs, it can essentially destroy your metals, making them incapable of performing their functional role. 

One of the most well-known benefits of thermal barrier coatings is that they are able to dramatically reduce the odds of corrosion. The protective layer that thermal barrier coatings provide seals metals from corrosive forces, making them better capable of lasting a long time. 

Protection from Sunlight

Many greenhouses include clear glass that allows sunlight in so that it can both warm the greenhouse and allow plants to photosynthesize. However, although it seems counterintuitive, there are some greenhouses that require protection from direct sun exposure. 

When a greenhouse sits in direct sunlight, the strength of the sun’s rays can cause plants to dry out and leaves to burn. This is especially true of plants that require a partial or full shade setting to perform their best. 

Fortunately, there are many products that you can use to coat the outside of your greenhouse and prevent harmful sun rays from damaging your plants. Among the most effective of those products are thermal barrier coatings.

Get the Thermal Barrier Coating Your Greenhouse Needs

Now that you know the benefits of using a thermal barrier coating for your greenhouse, you may wonder where the best place to find one of these products is. The good news is that ThermaCote is prepared to serve all of your thermal barrier coating needs. Reach out to us today to learn more about our industry-leading products and services.