One of the most impressive characteristics of thermal barrier coatings is that they are applicable not only to many industries but also have many applications within those industries. There is perhaps no better example of this than in commercial applications of thermal barrier coatings. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most noteworthy uses of thermal barrier coating for commercial applications. Along the way, we’ll also continually highlight the primary functions and benefits of thermal barrier coatings that make them both broadly applicable and impressively effective. 


Top Commercial Applications for Thermal Barrier Coatings

Thermal barrier coatings have an incredible ability to inhibit the degradation that materials experience when faced with extreme temperatures and corrosive elements. Through that primary function, thermal barrier coatings allow many different types of materials, equipment, and infrastructure to last longer and operate with greater efficiency. Below are a few of the top ways that thermal barrier coatings extend those benefits to commercial industries. 

Improving Building Envelope for Commercial Facilities

Regardless of the type of commercial operation you run, you inevitably rely on some form of building to do business. Whether that building in question is a large industrial warehouse, an office building, a hotel, or one of the many other types of commercial facilities, your building will benefit from improving its building envelope. 

A building envelope encloses a building and provides protection from the ever-changing outdoor elements. When your building envelope is loose or lacking in some way, it will not provide a strong barrier between the outside air and the interior spaces of your commercial building. A poor building envelope leads to many potential problems, including making it more difficult for your heating and cooling systems to operate effectively, which inevitably leads to higher energy use and operating costs for your commercial operation. 

By contrast, a tight building envelope does not allow for leaks and provides a consistent protective layer for commercial buildings. One of the best ways to improve the building envelope is by applying a thermal barrier coating. Thermal barrier coating applications for commercial buildings mitigate the effects of sudden temperature changes and allow your HVAC systems to operate with better efficiency. Ultimately, investing in a thermal barrier coating is a decision that could prove to be a great budgetary decision in the long run. 

Protection for Commercial Tanks

Some who operate within the commercial industry regularly use large-scale commercial tanks for the storage of fuel and other liquids. Those who use these commercial tanks know that they not only need to be dependable and long-lasting, but they likely need to pass certain local regulations as well. The issue is that these commercial storage tanks typically remain outdoors year-round, which means they must undergo extreme temperature changes and all the fluctuations that the outdoor elements have to offer. 

At the same time, many commercial tanks need to be able to hold their contents at a consistent temperature, which means that they must have effective insulation as well. One of the best ways to improve the insulating properties of the materials that comprise a commercial tank is through the application of a thermal barrier coating. 

But insulation is not the only benefit that a thermal barrier coating can afford a commercial tank. Thermal barrier coatings will also act as a protective layer that makes the tank more durable overall and more resistant to corrosion and oxidation, meaning that it will last as long as possible. 

Applications for Commercial HVAC

Just as it is safe to assume that commercial operations require a building or facility, those same buildings and facilities also need dependable HVAC systems. A well-functioning HVAC system keeps the environment within your building comfortable while also being energy-efficient. 

We already mentioned how thermal barrier coatings can indirectly support efficient HVAC operation by improving building envelope. However, thermal barrier coatings can provide benefits when applied directly to HVAC systems as well. 

HVAC systems can be quite vulnerable to damage that results from excessive moisture. This is especially true when your HVAC system experiences buildups of condensation. In extreme cases, condensation can ruin the insulation of your HVAC, cause leaks in the system, and make your HVAC system entirely unusable. 

Whether you are experiencing an issue with condensation in your HVAC system currently or you simply want to prevent one from occurring in the first place, applying a thermal barrier coating is an excellent idea. Doing so will protect your HVAC ducts from condensation and lessen the odds of leaks. 

Thermal Barrier Coating for Commercial Storage and Shipping

The final top way to use thermal barrier coatings for commercial applications relates to shipping and storage. As you might guess by now, there are many ways that you can use thermal barrier coatings for both shipments and storage services. 

For example, applying thermal barrier coating to storage units can improve their strength and insulation, which helps to protect the contents within. Additionally, the warehouse within which items for shipment are stored can improve its building envelope via an application of thermal barrier coating. 

On the shipping side, thermal barrier coatings have many applications in the automotive industry. For instance, thermal barrier coatings are often used in the portions of an automotive vehicle that become very hot during use, such as the engine and exhaust system. Thermal barrier coatings allow the materials within these components to withstand extreme heat while remaining in operation. 

roof of an industrial warehouse coated in red paint and thermal coat

Learn More About the Best Thermal Barrier Coatings for Commercial Use

No matter what kind of commercial operation you run, it is safe to say that you could find a use for thermal barrier coatings in one way or another. Since the uses of thermal barrier coatings are so broad and effective, they are well worth your time and attention. 

When you begin to learn more about thermal barrier coatings, you’ll learn that there is more than one type and that some are more useful for certain situations than others. To have all your questions answered and to learn more about how a thermal barrier coating can benefit you, contact us at ThermaCote today!