Thank you for considering ThermaCote, Inc. for your Coating and Roof Tape needs. We are currently only selling our ThermaCote® Roof Repair Tape, and retail quantities of MDF-500 and MDF-HS-80 through our online store. For inquiries on ThermaCote®, or details on bulk tape orders, please fill out the 'Contact Us' form, email or call 1-888-389-0628 for immediate assistance.

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Please note that all ThermaCote® Roof Repair Tape is BLACK in color

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CASE: ThermaCote® 12″ x 100′ Roof Repair Tape

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CASE: ThermaCote® 12″ x 100′ Roof Repair Tape

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ThermaCote® – 12″ x 100′ Roof Repair Tape in Black

ThermaCote® – 12″ x 100′ Roof Repair Tape in Black

CASE Quantity: 2 Rolls

ThermaCote, Inc. has manufactured “Single Stage, High Performance, Eco-Friendly” products since 1985. ThermaCote® Seamline Tape is VOC free.

The tape is single stage and only needs a clean and dry surface to apply. No primers needed in most situations. Our ThermaCote® Roof Repair Tape has a TPO backing and is available in various widths. The patented power adhesive keeps our tapes stuck where others can sag or fall off. ThermaCote® Roof Repair Tape is not a quick fix, it is a permanent repair. The tape utilizes advanced cross-linked butyl adhesive technology, a 100% solid formula of synthetic resins, thermoplastic cured butyl rubber that includes a built-in primer, coated on a tough UV stable backing. ThermaCote® Roof Repair tape is designed to stay and not sag even under extreme temperature.

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Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 15.5 × 8 × 12 in

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