How Long Do Thermal Barrier Coatings Last?


How long do Thermacote®’s industry-leading thermal barrier coatings last before reapplication is needed? As a top manufacturer of high-performance ceramic-insulating coatings for over 15 years, we’ve designed Thermacote® solutions to provide superior durability and longevity in all environments.

The Lifetime of Interior Thermacote® Applications

Thermacote® is engineered to last indefinitely when applied correctly in your building’s interior. Our advanced ceramic technology creates an extremely durable thermal barrier that will continue effectively insulating and protecting your interior over decades of use.

Once applied properly, Thermacote® forms a thick insulating ceramic layer that maintains its integrity and performance indefinitely in indoor settings. The coating bonds tightly to surfaces and will not chip, peel, or degrade under normal interior conditions. We stand behind Thermacote® interior coatings as a permanent solution, although surface prep and proper application are vital for such lifelong performance.


Exterior Thermacote® Coatings Need Reapplication

On your building’s exterior, Thermacote® coatings may need reapplication approximately every 10 to 15 years depending on climate and maintenance. Proper surface preparation is critical for exterior Thermacote® to achieve maximum durability. The substrate must be pressure washed and free of chalking, peeling paint, rust, and defects that could allow moisture underneath.

Thermacote®’s ceramic insulation technology is engineered to withstand decades of sun, rain, snow, and temperature swings. However, on exteriors subject to continuous weathering, reapplying Thermacote® every decade or so allows it to maintain peak performance. Climate conditions like intense sun, frequent rain, and extreme weather exacerbate wear. Proper maintenance like annual power washing extends the coating’s life, but periodic reapplication will be needed.

The Benefits of Reapplying Thermacote® Exterior Coatings

Reapplying Thermacote® every 10 to 15 years provides optimal thermal protection and energy savings on building exteriors. While interior coatings may never need redoing over the structure’s lifetime, exterior coatings work best when periodically refreshed. Reapplication restores Thermacote® to like-new quality and appearance, allowing it to continue effectively insulating and reducing energy costs. 

At Thermacote®, our high-quality ceramic-insulating coatings leverage innovative technology to deliver lasting performance in any setting. For lifelong interior insulation, Thermacote® is a permanent solution able to withstand decades of use without redoing. On weather-exposed exteriors, reapplying it every 10 to 15 years ensures it continues providing the superior thermal barrier it is known for. Our coatings are trusted by professionals to maintain their insulation and protect buildings for the long run.

So, Is Thermacote® Worth Investing In?

Thermacote®’s superb insulating performance and longevity make it a worthwhile investment for both interior and exterior applications. For interior insulation that never needs redoing, Thermacote® delivers lifetime value and comfort. 

On building exteriors, periodic reapplication ensures Thermacote® maintains its peak energy-saving performance year after year. While the 10- to 15-year exterior reapplication timeline may seem frequent, the cost is worthwhile for the decades of utility savings and comfort Thermacote® provides. Ultimately, its ability to withstand harsh conditions and keep insulating at a high level makes it a smart choice for reliable, long-term thermal protection.

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FAQs About Thermacote® Coatings

How long does Thermacote® last indoors versus outdoors?

Thermacote® interior coatings will last indefinitely without reapplication. Exterior coatings last 10 to 15 years before needing renewal to maintain performance.

Does Thermacote® need special maintenance or cleaning?

Thermacote® requires no special maintenance indoors. Exterior surfaces should be power washed annually to remove grime and environmental buildup.

Can Thermacote® be applied over existing paint or coatings?

In most cases, Thermacote® can be applied over previous coatings after proper cleaning and surface preparation. Some materials like silicone must be fully removed before Thermacote® application.

What kind of surfaces can Thermacote® coat?

Thermacote® bonds exceptionally well to concrete, stucco, brick, metal, and wood. It can insulate roofs, walls, HVAC systems, pipes, tanks, and more. Proper preparation ensures excellent adhesion.

Is Thermacote® environmentally friendly?

Yes! Thermacote® contains no VOCs, is nontoxic, and made from sustainable raw materials. It also dramatically reduces energy consumption in buildings.